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ChamberSolutions = Member Value

ChamberSolutions® creates, administers, and markets member benefit programs that allow chambers of commerce to quickly and easily add value. Through the delivery of turn-key programs that enhance operational efficiency,  increase exposure, and save money, chambers of commerce can achieve higher member sales, increase member retention, and earn non-dues revenue.

We do the work, the chamber gets credit, and members reap rewards!

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More Value
Save Money
Enhance Efficiency
Increase Exposure
More Value

Members are looking to the chamber to solve problems they cannot solve on their own. The products and services offered by ChamberSolutions fit the chamber's value equation just like advocacy, networking, business education, leadership programs, and the like. 

Save Money

ChamberSolutions offers a mix of products and services that save members money on "everyday" business services. Real savings that drive straight to the bottom-line. These products and services deliver unique value through savings or special offers not typically offered to the general public.

Increase Exposure

ChamberSolutions provides members access to affordable simple-to-use communication tools to promote their business, grow their consumer base, and engage with customers.

Enhance Efficiency

As a small business, ChamberSolutions faces many of the challenges that other small business members encounter.  So, when seeking products and services to address operational challenges like communications, ERP software, device and network security, and others we leverage our own experience to help identify and build products that are specifically design for the SMB market, but have many of the features typically reserved for large enterprise customers.

Chamber Highlights

  • Increase Sales & Retention
  • No Cost to Chamber
  • Turnkey Programs
  • Enhanced Value
  • Full Control

Member Highlights

  • No Fees, No Commitments
  • Return On Investment
  • Increase Exposure
  • Grow Business
  • Save Money

Get Started!

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