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For almost 30 years ChamberSolutions has been creating, administering, and marketing member benefit programs. Considered to be experts within the chamber industry, we have a thorough understanding of what it takes to have successful programs from the chamber’s, member’s, and vendor’s perspective.


Founded in 1992 by two local chambers of commerce in southeast Virginia to administer group health benefits, ChamberSolutions has evolved into an organization dedicated to helping chambers of commerce have greater impact in the communities they serve and the members that they support.


Today, ChamberSolutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. This unquestionably positions the company to fully understand the unique operations, specific needs, and market objectives of local chambers of commerce.


From our company headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia, ChamberSolutions presently serves nearly 90 chambers of commerce from coast-to-coast, representing 26,000 businesses, that employ an estimated 650,000 employees.