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Scope of Work

  • Program Development
  • Vendor Selection
  • Contracting
  • Ongoing Administration
  • Marketing
  • Enrollment
  • Member Services

​We do the work. 
The chamber takes credit. 
Members reap the rewards.

What We Do

ChamberSolutions works behind the scenes selecting the program offerings, securing the partner vendors, negotiating contracts, holding all required licenses, developing marketing messages and collateral materials, handling member inquires, managing lead distribution, and assisting in program enrollment. In simple terms, we do it all, so local chambers don’t have to.


Our multi-faceted program creation takes input from chambers, members, and vendors. We then rationalize that input against current business conditions, legal and regulatory framework, and future market trends. Taking all facets into account we seek to develop meaningful and relevant programs that help members run their business better, and enhance the chamber's value proposition.


Program administration and member engagement is a critical piece of our operations. We fully recognize  that chamber staff cannot be product experts on our numerous programs, that is why we direct all member inquiries to our office. From initial contact, to enrollment, to ongoing customer service, ChamberSolutions - in collaboration with our vendor partners - handle all levels of customer service.


ChamberSolutions works closely with our vendor partners to develop a variety of online, electronic, and print marketing tools that can be used by the chamber of commerce to promote the various program offerings. When possible, we keep the chamber's brand front and center keeping the member tied directly to their local chamber.


Vendor selection and management is a key role for us. In this capacity, we  maintain vendor contracts and agreements, hold all applicable licenses, verify production reports, analyze commission reports, and more.  We also regularly engage with our partner vendors to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.