Win - Win - Win

Collaboration is our Foundation


From the very beginning, our founding chambers recognized that, although important, member benefit programs consumed too much staff time, required a level of expertise that the chamber simply did not possess, and rarely received the appropriate focus. Thus, they decided to address these challenges by working through a collaborative effort exclusively focused on benefits. To which, ChamberSolutions is the result.

Chambers Win

From the chamber's perspective it receives additional value-enhancing programs that take no staff time to create and require little staff time to administer. Additionally, the chamber maintains control over program selection as well as the frequency and method in which member benefit communications occur.

Members Win

Here's the really big win. From the members' point-of-view, because ChamberSolutions aggregates all of our chamber members into a single buying group of more than 25,000 businesses representing an estimated 650,000 employees, we are able to leverage our buying power to secure better discounts, special offers, and even exclusive programs that  save members time, energy, and money.

Vendors Win

Looking through the vendor's lens, it would be very difficult - if not impossible - to individually work with each of the 7,000+ local chambers of commerce across the country. That's why they turn to aggregators like ChamberSolutions to help them operate more efficiently. Vendors truly appreciate our reach and the fact that our focus is on the chamber of commerce community.