What We Do

ChamberSolutions works behind the scenes selecting the program offerings, securing the partner vendors, negotiating contracts, holding all required licenses, developing marketing messages and collateral materials, handling member inquires, managing lead distribution, and assisting in program enrollment. In simple terms, we do it all, so local chambers don’t have to.


Here at ChamberSolutions, program creation is multi-faceted. We seek input from chambers, members, and vendors before deciding to take on program development. Unlike affinity partners that simply bolt-on a vendor's standard offer that can be found through numerous channels, ChamberSolutions strives to offer products, programs, or services that have some type of differential that, in turn, enhance member value. 

Examples include:

  • Exclusive one-off programs 
  • Special pricing/additional discounts
  • Enhanced offer with special attributes
  • Uniquely branded program


Program administration is a key component of our role. In this capacity, we maintain vendor contracts and agreements, hold all applicable licenses, verify production reports, analyze commission reports, and more. Additionally, we regularly engage with our vendors to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. 

A critical piece of our on-going administration is the member engagement. Recognizing  that chamber staff cannot be product experts on our numerous programs, we direct all member inquiries to our office. From initial contact, to enrollment, to ongoing customer service , ChamberSolutions -in collaboration with our vendor partners- handle all levels of customer service.


ChamberSolutions works closely with our vendor partners to develop a variety of online, electronic, and print marketing tools that can be used by the chamber of commerce to promote our various program offerings. When possible, we strive to keep the chamber's brand front and center; doing so helps keep the member tied directly to the chamber's value proposition.

Generally, ChamberSolutions does not conduct mass communications directly to chamber members. 

Our experience tells us that:

  1. The chamber's value is best reinforced when communications come directly from the chamber.
  2. The chamber wishes to maintain control of their member communications plan and a third party generally disrupts that plan.
  3. The sharing of the chamber's membership database (contact list) most often proves to be problematic as it must be kept in "sync" to allow for ongoing communications.

NOTE:  If a chamber of commerce would like for ChamberSolutions to conduct mass communications directly to members, we have that capability and can do so by request.