How We Do It

Our benefit programs may be complete and turnkey, but the local chamber always remains in full control. The chamber selects the products to be offered, the frequency of member “touches”, and approves member communications.

ChamberSolutions does the work, the chamber gets the credit, and members reap the rewards.

ChamberSolutions provides all of our expert service, marketing, and ongoing program assistance at absolutely NO cost to the chamber of commerce, and at NO charge to the participating member.

How does ChamberSolutions do that you ask?

It's pretty simple, in exchange for access and assistance in selling a particular vendor's product or service, ChamberSolutions earns a commission from that vendor. Because nothing starts without of sale, it is paramount that the chamber and ChamberSolutions work closely to ensure mutual success.


Not a traditional Affinity Program

Many times, programs like those offered by ChamberSolutions are called affinity programs. Most often their primary focus is to first drive non-dues revenue and second bring enhanced member-value. Here at ChamberSolutions our philosophy is just the opposite. We believe that driving member value first will yield the desired revenue.


The Rest of the Story

As noted, ChamberSolutions seeks programs that have a product differential that enhance member-value, many times this special attribute comes at a direct cost. To offset this cost, ChamberSolutions accepts a lower commission. This, in turn, reduces the available monies that can be shared back with the chamber of commerce. In short, if the chamber's primary goal is non-dues revenue and not member-value, then our program may not be a good fit.

A Trade Worth Making

In lieu of member dues, ChamberSolutions provides our ongoing chamber and member support services at no charge. Generally, most chambers consider this to be a membership "trade".